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If you'd like to sign up to AMSA Membership

Why should I sign up for Membership?

  • Access to register for AMSA Events- without membership you can't attend AMSA Convention, Global Health Conference, National Leadership Development Seminar, Rural Health Summit or Nationals Councils
  • A vote at AMSA Council
  • Access to AMSA learning resources, including factsheets
  • Advocacy benefits
    • AMSA is the one student organisation advocating for your interests- making sure you have internships, specialist training opportunities and advocating for better mental health, among countless other issues
    • By becoming a member you increase AMSA's power to advocate for your future in medicine as you are added to our advocacy database
    • Your membership contribution also goes to funding our advocacy efforts, so we can keep doing the work we do
  • Receive information on opportunities within AMSA, including access to leadership positions and up-skilling

How much does membership cost?
You are able to join as a member for the whole of your degree for $30 or for the year for $10.

Annual Membership:  Join Now
Degree Membership:  Join Now

What's the deal with my "vote" at Council?
If you become an AMSA Member, you will be able to vote in certain instances at AMSA's Council meetings where we meet three times a year to discuss issues important to medical students. If you are present, you will be able to vote for AMSA's incoming Directors and Executive. For all other votes held at AMSA Council, your vote will be automatically proxied to your Medsoc. This means that when they vote, their vote will be worth 250 plus one extra vote for each medical student member at their university.

I thought I was automatically a member of AMSA?
AMSA has and will continue to advocate for the needs of all medical students. However, to attend our events and access some of our other membership benefits, you will need to actively sign up to become a member!

Has this FAQ page answered your questions? If the answer is no, feel free to email your questions to and we will be happy to answer them.

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